Wednesday, July 26, 2006

hot exhibition

at äänekoski - meaning hot in centigrades, don't know otherwise. Some five of us involved and all kind of works from soap to paintings and from candies to pearls. It is just for this week when the Keitelejazz has its concerts. Spent there the last two days hanging the pictures and lusting after the beautiful long pearls, colour of mixed old rose and milkcoffee and made by Mervi Porrassalmi.

Last week we filmed for a whole day, thursday, at Kivisalmi some fifty km from here. We did some tracking shooting from a car driving round and roundand round until I felt quite sick. But it was worth the trouble: nice pictures...
And then the actors refused to understand my meaning - they just laughed and made fun of everything until they got tired. Even that was worthwhile: the dialogue runs smoothly and compactly.
Later we shot the drowning of the girl. It was windy and the water was cold, so pictures are gorgeous but the poor girl almost frose. She still shivered some two hours later.
Anyway, just a little more and then the workflow with Final cut. I have done the rough cutting all the time, but can't create the rythm before I have all the material. Seems somehow priggish, but that's just it.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

windy day

and cool. I felt like going to a bikeride and then I remembered that the backtyre was in pieces. pity. Well, I should repair it, change the whole tyre. Ugh.

Otherwise I made some watercolors for the next week...

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

time flies

the skeleton
the cameraman
the director
the studio
and weeks pass like mellow water, not bothering but bearing on... We have been filming some and I've been skimming through the stuff several times, just cutting of the rough edges, bits and pieces. The summer around us has been warm and full of flowers, odours and hayfields. And we had a dog for a couple of days... my heart cries (and my bloodpressure goes down as it used to be), but I'm not going to have a dog, no! Tisilii, my old dog lived to be 18 years, - it is a long time to be present and responsible.
Some pictures to go with...

Monday, July 10, 2006

perseverance of the heathwave

is exhausting. I do not like heath: it is suffocating and harassing. And the thunder frightens me because it can burn the house (and all of my works, of course, and beeing a selfish and narcistic person that would be devastating), my one and only home.

The conserts are over and the market gone. Tomorrow we shall move the artexhibition to the Pawn-shop and I shall get some frames from Hankasalmi - the framedealer visitid the exhibition today.

Yesterday I had 'open doors' at the smithy. It was sweatty and i swam for the first time this summer - and not only once... And surprise surprise: my eldiest son Tuomas turned up there in the evening with his new old Mercedes. We came home together after midnight, and he left again today before noon. Such are our children, but it is good to even visit for a short while. He said he'll be back...

'The Enchantress'
has been liked and praised, and here is a picture of her.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

heat and exhibitions

Some hot days it has been. Yesterday I was at Laaja-art to see Improvisages, and to film them. Some really funny pictures of Ari's pictures - and the music came to tape surprisingly well. And I got pictures of Eeva-Liisa's horses as well. Captured the material in the evening and no problems with that either.

And today at ten o'clock we were building the exhibition at Konnevesi: the shoppinglists and the dragonflies went there.

I made still some more toffee - now it is finnished, the making, only selling remains. Then I had a cold shower, a glas of red wine and a cool down. - When I buildt this house, I wanted two things especially: a big window in the bathroom and a window at the kitchen where the washbasins are. It is lovely in the summer when the eveningsun shines to the bathroom...