Monday, October 30, 2006

light white icing

a scrap still life with icing
the skull

Yes, it is here, the winter. For a while we shall chop firewood and warm up the ovens. And have cosy evenings with hot wine by the fire. It doesn't much matter even if the electricity is interrupted because of a fast wind or excessive snow.
But it is hard to the car, and I have to admit that I'm not the sporting momwonder that I used to be. But just day by day we shall plough our way through the winter.

Nice weekend, anyway. with boys and their friends.

Monday, October 16, 2006

darkness comes

spot little mii
black tram

earlier every day, especially when it is cloudy, like today. We have had a little dog to look after for the weekend - quite heartbreaking: I've been without a dog for one and a half years and it is so nice to have someone to walk with and someone to come and sniff at my trousers when I just sit still here. But on the other hand Tisi, my old dog, lived to be 18 years old and that is quite a time to take care of someone. I'm not so young anymore and there are other complications.... but like this it is really wonderful: just fun and no responsibility. Tomorrow he will go home.

It is the autumnholiday so the boys will be home for the week. I suppose we will go to see grandmother Maija some day. Otherwise it is just to take in the gardenfurniture and to rake the fallen leaves. I like to rake: you get heaps of leaves that rustle and are colousful. And in my yard under the leaves there is a thick darkgreen moss covering everything like in some sort of japanese garden. It is beautiful, very special.

Friday, October 13, 2006


Spent some warm autumndays in Helsinki. Bought a few books and some clothes, met a friend or two, took long walks and a lot of pictures...

Saturday, October 07, 2006

alone at home

The boys are in a disco at the village. I will go and fetch them home at midnight. The laptop downstairs is compressing the film, and will continue for the next 26 hours. Quite a heap of material. And then to DVD.
Roads are a regular mess because of the rain. Otherwise it is good: waterlewell is so low.
I have been raking: a lot of leaves have fallen from the trees, although some remain. It is pleasant work.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

rain, rain

somehow my mind resembles these pictures...

It is autumn: leaves are yellow and red and brown, and the wind is tearing them down. The air is thick and dim, soft rain kind of sticks to your skin like a wet kiss. And darkness comes earlier every evening. I like autumn. It is peaceful, no hurry, you can stay at home and be cosy with a book and a fire burning.
The film lacks a few minutes of music and some stillpictures - it is almost finished, a week maybe...
It is like being pregnant, the last weeks, the last days, and finally you part.