Monday, September 10, 2007

syksy saa

The first fallen leaves were on the ground today. That means the summer is over and it is time to welcome the clear/rainy/foggy autumn. And yesterday I picked some lingonberries. They are plentyful but so are mosquitoes. So I just had a couple of litres and retired home to do some scratching.

So there is now Film Factory Oy and you can view the new pages at The pages are still under construction, and will be for some time, but they exist all the same. This whole thing has been a bit stressing, it still is, because all is so new and strange, and I'm quite sure I'll make a fool of myself, or have made allready. But so it is.

I sent the manuscript to Filmfoundation to get an opinion. That was a week ago - an eternity it feels. But I'll go on working and writing, and maybe there will be answers some day.

I've also been cutting 'the summerhome' and there really is a lot of work because I've got many hours of material and it is very uneven. But that was the meaning: I wanted to see if I can cope with that kind of stuff. So I can blame only myself!

Just myself to blame... yes.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

missing internet

Yes, we have been without the net for a week! There was a fiery thunderstorm at 4 am and - we had all the plugs off - gone was the connection. And then I phoned, spent hours queueing for someone to answer... It was frustrating, dissappointing and made me think that nothing ever changes - you just have to wait and wait and wait.... Well today a nice elderly gentleman came and fixed the connection: a lightning had struck the distributionbox.

It wouldn't have been so painfull normally but I am just changing the server of our webpages... and the domain of course, so the ants in my pants.

Here are some pictures from our summershop. This summer we have also had a cafeshop 'Hundred Cups' wit pastry and soft icecream, mmm. The shop will be open to the beginning of september.

And a halfdone drawing....

Monday, August 06, 2007


We did some shooting quite a while ago and the material for 'Summerhome*
has since been on my mac, and sure I should have done something like
cutting but... because I have been lazy and just writing all kinds of
stories... yes, Ive not much been cutting the film. But all the same
here are some stills from the shooting, that took some days and mostly
it was raining, but the feeling was relaxed and optimistic as you may
sense from these pictures. And some day sooner or later I shall fix it.
The name is now 'Summerhome', but it may change yet.

Now there is a heat wave - of course when the school is beginning. I've started drawing some collages or are they collages (?), maybe not. I'm clearly both taking
influence from this Rasmus Nora, who has the exhibition with Ari
Liimatainen, or it brings back things - I've done these kind of collages
1974-75. The items and the athmosphere are different but I'm distinctly
digging old mines.

Monday, July 30, 2007

and some more driving...

sunset 7.7.07
s/s Norkulla
and the year was...
a modest butterfly
taste of honey

Somehow it seems to be increasing, the driving or sitting in the car. Or maybe it is just my relationship with driving: it used to be fun - now it mostly feels tiresome. And something is broken too frequently. But that is the price of living here.

Some snaps of insects.... And I had a one day holiday on the 7th of july: start at 7.00 am to Helsinki with a young friend and return back home next morning at 6.00 - sleepydrive, but the day was !!!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Last saturday we completed the wallpaintings at Kukkula, the house for youngsters and their activities. Went quite well - better than I expected - and the result is for you to see here.

Today is my birthday - many of those have passed and no-one has yet noticed this one - ! Weather is fine, the dog is out at the yard and all is almost well - just my car: it is properly broken, worn-out, but with a lot of new parts and work... maybe it will once more roam the roads and byways.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

uusi perheenjäsen - new familymember

Kaksi vuotta olen ollut ilman koiraa, kaksi vuotta!! Kuinka olen voinut olla? Siltä se ainakin nyt tuntuu, kun Piki on ollut meillä kaksi viikkoa: ei ole elämää ilman karvaista kaveria. Vaikka eihän Piki minun koirani oikeastaan ole, vaan vanhimman poikani Tuomaksen, tai meidän yhteinen.

Piki on eteläsuomalaisesta löytöeläinkodista sellainen pitovaikeuksien vuoksi poisluovutettu parivuotias, sekarotuinen musta susi. Ehkä vähän pienempi olisi ollut parempi, mutta minkäs se koolleen mahtaa. Kohtuullisen mukavasti se on kotiutunut, mitä nyt ekalla viikolla ahmaisi ranskalaisen keittiön salaisuudet ja myöhemmin pari muuta kirjaa. Lempipaikakseen se löysi työpöytäni, missä se seisoi ja katseli ikkunasta ulos, mutta nyt olen rakentanut kiipeämisesteen ja laskenut kaihtimen, joten ikkunasta ei näe ulos, ja paikan viehätys on ilmeisesti ja toivottavasti haihtunut.

Lähes päivittäin olemme juosseet tai löntystäneet viitisen kilometriä tuota pientä tietä ja metsä on sille ollut ihmeellinen: se ei varmaan koskaan ole päässyt nuuskimaan sellaisia 'villejä' hajuja ja lennättämään pyita karkuun ojasta ja metsästämään sisiliskoja aurinkoisilta koivunjuurilta (onneksi ne ovat niin vikkeliä...).

Ja jo nyt rakkaalla lapsella on monta nimeä: Piki - Piksu - Pikseli....

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

northern blowing

Quite a wind blowing. The roads are in a bad state so please no rain or snow, or my car will be ex.

So the days pas and just today in a long while I began to feel like resuming this blogging. Somehow it has been feeling like : I've nothing to say, I don't want to produce buullshit, why should I have an opinion when it doesn't matter anyway. But it is like the election: if you don't vote don't miss the democracy when it is gone. And you will notice when that happens. Even now, when fewer people vote, you can observe the consequences: there is a cleft dividing the society, a cleft in income and standard on living - we have the poor again! And when this tendency continues it will one day turn to aggression. As it allways has. Why don't they look in the history? Why make the same mistakes over and over again? I've allways thought that as stupidity.

Well, that was not my meaning to preach, but it turns me on...

We have been making a new movie with the kids - in fact several movies. A few short ones and one longer with a plot. The short ones are more abstract, but, I hope, yet comprehensible.

Might describe it all as sex and drugs and rock'n'roll....

In the pictures there is the making of a scene, where a young girl has been knifed to death...

Monday, January 15, 2007

new friends

ermine footprints
it is really
an ermine!!

On a sunday in october I saw them for the first time, two of them: they were running round the courtyard, playing! And then later every now and then by the tree or near the car. And when there has been some snow on the ground there small footprints make delightful patterns. Today I came back from my daily walk and ho! there it was all white but the tip of its tail. Just a few meters away. And it went under the car and back to me and on the lawn towards the trees and back again... I went in to fetch my camera and still it was playing. Unfortunately it was very quick, I was hasty and it was rather dim already so the pictures are not very good...