Tuesday, August 21, 2007

missing internet

Yes, we have been without the net for a week! There was a fiery thunderstorm at 4 am and - we had all the plugs off - gone was the connection. And then I phoned, spent hours queueing for someone to answer... It was frustrating, dissappointing and made me think that nothing ever changes - you just have to wait and wait and wait.... Well today a nice elderly gentleman came and fixed the connection: a lightning had struck the distributionbox.

It wouldn't have been so painfull normally but I am just changing the server of our webpages... and the domain of course, so the ants in my pants.

Here are some pictures from our summershop. This summer we have also had a cafeshop 'Hundred Cups' wit pastry and soft icecream, mmm. The shop will be open to the beginning of september.

And a halfdone drawing....

Monday, August 06, 2007


We did some shooting quite a while ago and the material for 'Summerhome*
has since been on my mac, and sure I should have done something like
cutting but... because I have been lazy and just writing all kinds of
stories... yes, Ive not much been cutting the film. But all the same
here are some stills from the shooting, that took some days and mostly
it was raining, but the feeling was relaxed and optimistic as you may
sense from these pictures. And some day sooner or later I shall fix it.
The name is now 'Summerhome', but it may change yet.

Now there is a heat wave - of course when the school is beginning. I've started drawing some collages or are they collages (?), maybe not. I'm clearly both taking
influence from this Rasmus Nora, who has the exhibition with Ari
Liimatainen, or it brings back things - I've done these kind of collages
1974-75. The items and the athmosphere are different but I'm distinctly
digging old mines.