Monday, September 10, 2007

syksy saa

The first fallen leaves were on the ground today. That means the summer is over and it is time to welcome the clear/rainy/foggy autumn. And yesterday I picked some lingonberries. They are plentyful but so are mosquitoes. So I just had a couple of litres and retired home to do some scratching.

So there is now Film Factory Oy and you can view the new pages at The pages are still under construction, and will be for some time, but they exist all the same. This whole thing has been a bit stressing, it still is, because all is so new and strange, and I'm quite sure I'll make a fool of myself, or have made allready. But so it is.

I sent the manuscript to Filmfoundation to get an opinion. That was a week ago - an eternity it feels. But I'll go on working and writing, and maybe there will be answers some day.

I've also been cutting 'the summerhome' and there really is a lot of work because I've got many hours of material and it is very uneven. But that was the meaning: I wanted to see if I can cope with that kind of stuff. So I can blame only myself!

Just myself to blame... yes.