Monday, August 28, 2006

no rain today...

It would cheer me up - rain. Soaking wet world, water pouring from heaven for months, at least two, and the pump would not shout so long in the evenings, when the consumption is highest.

Only one scene to go - but it needs a monologue - and I've not written the final words. But it is taking shape. Rather a gentle movie it will be, nice - I'm a bit ashtonished, but it is ok. They have bruises in their souls, those two, but they can

And it is the last week of August....

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

plane shingles

that's what they did, a couple of friends of mine. And I had my camera ' tukkasotka' with me so they will plane shingles forever... Sounds quite fatal. So I did some forging - been a long time since I was at the smithy: it has been just too hot. It was hot today, too.

Monday, August 21, 2006

time flies

just amazingly. I've dedicated my time to the film and it is so slow and timeconsuming work - I'm still cutting, now also the soundtrack. That was tricky, almost lost my nerve but now I'll manage. Still quite a lot of recording to be done: missing dialogue etc. But slow you go and good youll be...
The school has started so there is some driving around on these miserable roads.
Last night we had a bonfire at the yard, and some beer and sausages - prosaic, but quite enchanting with the darkness and the stars. There also were some northern lights in the sky like fluttering light green curtains.
Still no rain, or just so little that it doesn't matter. The pump shouts long in the evenings, when we take showers: shortage of water. Praying for the rains... wouldn't it be lovely if it rained for two months! No thunder or such, but just heavy, silent rain falling endlessly... some thirty years ago there was such a summer - I remember how I painted the walls and doors and ceiling at our summercottage and it felt like living in an aquarium. Distinct memory.
Last week we took some pictures of clothes - it did rain then!

Thursday, August 10, 2006


and seeds of all kinds begin to overwhelm the nature. I have not had time to see these things in a long time. And the school began today...welcome back to the ordinary world!

Friday, August 04, 2006


to have a quiet and gutsy feeling of deep satisfaction: it is there, I just have to take of the unnecessary. As you see I've looked through the roughly cut scenes....

alone at home

so the day seems to be long and quiet.

We have filmed almost all - exept the flying of the kite, but that will be easy. And I've started to cut the scenes, to create the rythm of the whole dramatic process: a lot of work there. 'Kill your darlings' said my teacher Risto Jarva - I don't know. But little by little...

Still hot and dry weather. Yesterday at Jyväskylä to see mom and to do some shopping. I tried to film some architecture but most of the try was too restless - no cameramovements, no zoom, no no. Somehow it is very difficult to stay still. Here some pictures from last winter - how would you show it as a cinema?