Friday, December 22, 2006

it is christmasholiday

and will be for two weeks. Today I had my mobile ringing at church in the middle of the service with all schoolkids laughing out loud and the priest making observations from the pulpit. YES!!! Then I had coffee at Erkku and delivered some picture-CD:s before driving to Äänekoski-city. There I collected one of my sons and we did some shopping - food mainly for christmas (12 kg ham etc...). Now we will not starve...
I'm going to rest this evening and then become absorbed with the two manuscripts I am working at.
The boys will happily enough take care of practicalities like cleaning and cooking and the christmastree. Somehow I'm feeling quite happy and contented.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

well well

It has been dark, but somehow it doesn't affect me. I don't seem to notice. I've allways been more apt to get depressed in spring. Not so much nowadays as when I was younger. You get more endurance by the years. It takes alot to kill a man, a lot more than you imagine. On the otherhand - less than you imagine, just a tiny error in estimation.
We have 'The Artsalon' open at Aanekoski - some new kind of pictures - collages.