Sunday, October 19, 2008


Why, it's October again - just an year has passed. Whatever - isn't that why years are? Some things have been, some happened and some didn't... For example 'Sirpa Hasa' documentary dvd was finished in Mars. I filmed a lot of material for 'Spring of the river', a poetic naturedocumentary of our little river or rather a brook with swans and so - still working on it. 'The castle in the air' aka 'Summerhome' is almost ready, missing some music but on dvd without music already. And then my little lovely 'IT'S MY LIFE!' with Saara dying in the snow is three minutes of constant fire. It will be played at Kettupäivät-festival in Foxoff-series in November at Helsinki, Andorra. Yes, I'm rather proud, but thanks to Saara!

Since spring we have had a cat, Minttu Meu, a lovely little and slender girl with a flair for mice and moles. My house seems to inspire Minttu, the high open atelier with wooden columns and the railings of the loft are exiting, but also dangerous. And she lives in the sauna, warm and cosy.

So see you!