Tuesday, January 17, 2012

How and Why

Why - means why do I want to make movies. Why? What else would I do - I don't want to do anything else. My movies are thinking in pictures and words - intelligent, delightful and enjoyable. And where can you see them? Nowhere because they only exist in my head. Why? I don't know - the reality doesn't respond to my attempts, at least my attempts to get money for productions. When your words mean nothing and your attempts to get your company going are like wind in the willows what can you do? Call the police - yeah, never did much good to use law for love. Unite with some guy who has got it working - means not doing your own thing and that is death to me... Rather a sad situation. 36 years is a long time to weave your dreams to stories and never get any support... I never wanted those screamers or great pathos, political or other. My world is a bit  hazy as are my characters. Nothing is too certain and letting live is more important than power. But I still have ambition. Shall have as long as I live...

How - With people who don't oppress you. Different people because difference is healthy, but not too different because that tends to crave too much energy. With people you can trust, at least to some extent. Most of my life I have done things with the taste of blood in my mouth, and I do not like that. The results have been best both as work and economically when I have been calm and assured and the process has been light and easy.
I don't like gangs even if I understand their point. Through these years I have kind of gathered people, those, that make me feel warm and creative and with whom I like to be. Unfortunately those people are scattered round the world... But if I would have money and a possibility to create a surroundings optimal for working together, I believe that they would join me.
The modern digital technology is great - I do not long for the days of film. For decades I developed my films and made pictures, and yes, it was great, but it was also a lot of work, and when I consider the essential which to me is contents, the message in a way, the digital form does exactly the same but a lot easier and better. Yes, I do paint with oils, an ancient and slow technique, and I do like it, but for cinema I prefer digital. One should not hang rigidly in the old ways and technologies. Think about medical practice: would you choose an old technology rather than modern, f.x. ether instead of new anesthetics?

People who can play together,and  have the same wavelength, get better results in a better atmosphere...

Sunday, January 08, 2012

Every Picture is Important

A cinema has 24 or 25 pictures in each second, and sometimes a scene can be having many pictures lasting only a second or a few secs.  For each of these pictures there is composure, lighting, action and meaning. Also they have their points of attention - don't know about the term but meaning the point in the picture where your attention is drawn, and which in the next picture is in about the same point. If you have a film of 120 minutes how many pictures there can be to light and compose...